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We guarantee a stellar service when you register with our agency, from start to signing staff. All we need are a few bits of information to get us started, as well as your permission to conduct the search on your behalf. It takes 2 minutes to get registered, and is completely free to start your special search! We do ask that you kindly take a look at our terms whilst you're here and let us know of any questions before we start. All the info you need is listed below. Happy headhunting!

quality - Every. single. time.

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Is Accommodation Offered?

*By registering with our agency, you agree to accept our terms and conditions as stated on our website. Terms subject to change.

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United kingdom placement fees:

All our agency fees are based on a gross annual salary of 52 weeks unless otherwise stated. Fees are subject to VAT.


​Full Time:

  • Nannies, Mannies and Housekeepers = 15%

  • Governors, Governesses, Butlers, Personal & Executive Assistants, Secretarial Staff, Private Caregivers & Companions, Gentleman's Valets & Lady's Stylists and Pet Carers & Gamekeepers = 18%

  • Maternity Nurses, Private Chefs, Estate & House Managers, Groundskeepers, Private Tutors, Domestic Couples, Chauffeurs, Security Staff, Family Office Managers, Personal & Pregnancy Trainers, Doulas and Nutritionists = 20%


Part Time:

  • Nannies, Mannies and Housekeepers = 18%

  • Butlers, Private Caregivers & Companions and Pet Carers = 20%

  • Private Chefs, Tutors, Personal & Pregnancy Trainers and Nutritionists = 22%

Temporary or Short-term (up to 3 months) Maternity Nurses = £150 per day / £500 per week

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